Company development, succession & change

Dual control principle

You have already founded and are on the way to the next level? The leap from start-up to the growth phase is imminent and the entire organisation as well as the resources have to be adapted. Right now, expert support is helpful to master these further steps. I can offer you my experience in strategic company building and organisational development – together we can give your business a boost for the future. This also includes the digitalisation of business processes. I have strong network partners to offer holistic solutions on different levels of action.

Coaching of young / existing companies – as subsidized consulting (BaFa)

Support is provided by the state programme “Promotion of entrepreneurial know-how”, which is aimed at young companies (founder coaching) or companies that have been active in the market for some time. Its aims are to consolidate and strengthen the existence of medium-sized companies. As a listed advisor of the Federal Ministry of Economics/BaFa, my consultancy is eligible for funding. Consultancy on economic, financial, personnel and organisational issues of company management as well as special consultancy for women and for securing skilled workers are subsidised with a grant of 50%.

Further information on the GCD and BaFa consulting at the Federal Ministry of Economics or at /or directly from me.

INQA coaching – subsidized support for transformation processes

The fast pace of change, digitalization and the associated changes in the working world require companies to be adaptable in order to remain competitive in the market. Successful collaboration between all employees is a key success factor. The consulting program focuses on process support in key areas of action. As an accredited INQA coach, my consultancy is eligible for funding. You can apply for up to 12 consulting days for the development of company-internal adaptation and transformation processes with a subsidy of 80%.

More information on INQA coaching can be found at https://INQA-Coaching: A program for the digital future – – Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit/ or directly from me.

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