What guides me


I offer you consulting and process expertise based upon excellent training, education and years of personal management experience. What is important to me, is personal and trusting cooperation based on mutual appreciation, honesty and discretion. You can expect result based orientation, a very analytical view of the tasks to be solved, and a high degree of personal responsibility. In my consultancy work, including the use of subsidies, I enjoy a long-standing working relationship with the regional contacts of the cities, the federal ministry of economics/BaFa and the state of NRW.

Systemic work

My business coaching and group workshops are successful because the solutions are developed holistically with the client in mind. I use a variety of methods and techniques such as visualization, constellation, change of perspective, inner teamwork and self-developed tools to reduce complexity. It is very important to me to awaken your personal strengths and potential. My experience is: new paths open up as the angle of vision widens. Conflicts evaporate when we succeed in finding a common focus for solutions. And naturally -while working on it – it can also be fun!


My workshops and coaching sessions are not about the quick training of short-term effective tricks, but rather about sustainability and competence that you can apply to your specific leadership situations in your daily worklife. Topics related to the leadership role, difficult communication situations or decision conflicts can be resolved and lead to a sense of clarity and an awareness of one’s own strengths and potential. It promotes motivation, healthy working and a confidence that changes – both in yourself and in your team – can succeed. I offer you a concentrated and alert counterpart who focuses on your concerns. Let us think “forward” together!

If you would like to learn more about my topics, methods and my personal style, please make an appointment for a first interview!

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